You are the visionary leader who can bring change to your organisation

It’s time to become more innovative and agile by designing the right culture

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make people more

Innovative and Creative

make organisations more

Agile and Lean

make teams more

Self Empowered and Effective

The working world is not working

Leading with a vision comes at a price

Despite what people say,
most don't really want to change

Outdated structures and ways of working
are getting in the way

Missing the tools and methods to
create change is frustrating

We know how frustrating it is to have a vision for
how your company needs to change.
But not having the tools to make it happen. And facing people that want everything to stay the way it was.

Everyday at kids

We help visionary leaders to transform their organizations into more agile, innovative and inspiring workplaces.

I truly believe that the Kids believe in what they are speaking about. Watching somebody having so much joy about how they work becomes very contagious.
Liza Engel-LambertHead of Planning & Resources at Swisscom
The collaboration with Kids was super pleasant from A to Z.
André HeftiHead of Marketing & Productions
We brought the global team closer together and have created an entire product world in a short time with concrete steps for the market launch phase.
Conny SutorGlobal Brand Activation Manager at Jägermeister

Our clients

We help you to

Design the right culture

An organisation that has the ability to adapt to market changes
Communication tools and methods

Create a culture of trust and feedback, to create a safe place for every individual that enables personal growth.

Self empowerment & leadership training

Make sure teams are led the right way! Good leadership can inspire new ways of working.

Collaboration training

Constantly improve the way your teams work together, and unlock a huge amount of effectivity.

Agile mindset training

Help your people to develop a new mindset, and understand the value of agility through learning by doing.

A company that is able to stay relevant
Innovation processes & methods

Build a continuous innovation system for your team, which enables you to stay relevant.

Creative tools

Teach your people to develop creative confidence and quickly create interesting ideas.

Design Sprints

Use proven tools and processes to assess the potential of an idea in a single week.

Ideation Processes

Hands-on tools and techniques to stay creative and deliver quality ideas consistently.

All you need is a plan

01 - Discover

We get to know you, your vision and your organisation’s culture.

02 - Define

We scope and help you identify the challenges your teams face together.

03 - Develop

We develop approaches with concrete tools to help you achieve your goals.

04 - Deliver

We help you integrate the solutions in your organisation from within.

Walking the walk

01 - Together

We help you get your hierarchy onboard

02 - Defining KPI's

We define KPI's together to measure our success

03 - Latest tools

We work with the latest tools and methods used by industry leaders

04 - Change from within

We don’t consult from the sidelines but help you to change your organisation from within

05 - Respect

We understand the status-quo but challenge it.

Fun and work rarely meet in the same sentence

We learned this the hard way. We grew up in cultures of over hours,
heavy hierarchy and chaotic structures. We worked in creatively
demanding jobs where the outcome always came first.

Naturally, we founded Kids to find new, more sustainable ways of working
while pushing the boundaries of creativity. We founded Kids to challenge the way a creative
business should be run.

As a consequence, we connected our two passions:
Building brands and helping teams achieve their potential.

We are now a crew of team facilitators, culture designers, art directors, strategists,
copywriters and all-round creatives carrying this mindset together.

Feel like growing up? Us neither.