We were hired by the marketing communications department of Swisscom to assist them in their process of reorganizing to a more agile and non-hierarchical way.


Our goal was to create a set of customized tools, delivered in a series of workshops, that would help the teams at Swisscom work more effectively and efficiently together.


  • People were still adjusting to this new way of working, and as with any change, comes uncertainty and resistance. We needed to address and overcome objections.
  • To ensure seamless integration of our tools and processes, we needed to understand the existing system and structures of Swisscom.
  • There was a strong focus on WHAT TO DO, but not HOW TO WORK TOGETHER. Our goal was to balance that focus.
  • Design the workshops in a way that will maximize the buy-in rate from the team members.
  • Set up a process that ensures people will continue using our tools after the workshops.
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To ensure success and to meet the challenges of the project, we worked closely with the core team and agile-developers of Swisscom MCO2 to help develop a customized process and tools, and a plan of action based on their expertise and experiences.


We knew that the team at MCO2 has gone through plenty of workshops which is why we wanted to create a refreshing experience that’s energetic, fun, and an inspiring experience as they learn the new tools.


To facilitate a smooth transition of MCO2 into the new proposed working structure, our plan of action included a support phase where we stick around and build in check-in sessions to increase and maintain adoption rate of the tools on a long-term basis.


“We chose very consciously someone who comes from the outside, who behaves maybe in a naive way, in a positive sense, to really come with fresh ideas for old problems.” - Achill Prakash (Head of Brand and Marketing Communications at Swisscom)


“I truly believe that the Kids believe in what they are speaking about, that they use it in their personal lives. Watching somebody having so much joy about how they work becomes very contagious.”- Liza Engel-Lambert (Head of Planning & Resources at Swisscom)

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  • A series of 3 half-day workshops spread over three weeks, for the entire MCO2 department — 80 people.
  • Tailor-made, Swisscom branded, physical toolbox and tool cards.
  • A guidance phase to provide ongoing support.
  • Tools Refresh Workshop.
  • Additional topics specifics, deep-dive days.


  • Working with the client this closely is invaluable as it generates a lot of insights.
  • Storytelling is important to deliver the tools/workshops effectively.
  • People enjoy a mix of theory (thinking) and concrete tools (hands-on).
  • The value of external facilitators is that you facilitate conversations in a productive proces.
  • As facilitators, managing the energy level of the room.
  • Well-designed tools are great for generating interest and excitement.
  • Specially customised tools increase the rate of adoption.
  • Having physical tools that people can touch and see can be extremely effective.