Rise above the noise

It’s time to let your company shine with a captivating brand and engaging communication.

Let’s build your brand from scratch or develop your story together.

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We make your brand

Appealing and Recognisable

We make your communication

Coherent and Impactful

We make your community

Engaged and Delighted

Standing out is harder than ever

01 - Customers have no lack of options fighting for their attention. It’s expensive to try and make the loudest noise - it’s better to make your own unique sound.

02 - It's very hard to keep a consistent brand image over all the existing channels and touchpoints.

03 - Your brand has trouble finding a voice that resonates and is relevant in culture and society.

04 - Your brand is still not as digital as it should be.

Big or small, companies face similar dilemmas –
to stand out in a cluttered world
– where every brand is begging for their 15 minutes of fame.

Everyday at kids

We've helped marketing directors in the four corners of the world to find their voice, create impactful experiences and transform their brands.

We wanted our first 360° video to be truly special, a break from conventional ways and means.
Marco BrütschMarketing Communications Campaigns Manager at SWISS
3_i Pad_web3
It was a pleasure to work with Kids, I was impressed by their ability to create a strong story in the development of the WEB3 brand.
Louis Chang (Creative Director WEB3 Foundation)

Our clients

We help you with

We design experiences people connect with.
Brand activation campaigns

Create long-lasting, emotional connections with your customers through personal, memorable, real-life events.

Experiential marketing

Develop a tangible, offline experience for your brand, which can strengthen the connection between customers and your brand.

Immersive experiences

Keep people buzzing about your brand with creative, unique, PR friendly events and giveaways.

Other sexy things


We design brands made to stand out.
Branding & corporate identity

Tell your unique story in a way that resonates with your audience and lifts your brand above all the noise.

Brand positioning

Establish your value firmly in the minds of your customers, and maximise your relevancy and distinctiveness.

Brand strategy

Set clear goals and KPI's for the long term growth of your brand.

Competition analysis

Figure out exactly what the market looks like, and focus on delivering on the strengths you have over your competitors.

All you need is a plan

01 – Discover

We get to know you, your market, product and ambitions.

02 – Define

We gather the right team for the project and design a custom process.

03 – Design

We are ready to shoot the creative guns and fire concepts and designs.

04 – Develop

We make sure the concept you have chosen gets executed by the industry’s best.

Walking the walk

01 - Our network

We connect your brand with world class experts, from code to calligraphy.

02 - You You You :)

We work for you, not for awards.

03 - International

Being an international crew helps us see across cultures.

04 - Together

Our methods are inclusive. You choose how much you want to be involved.

05 - Craft

We’ve created experiences, identities or activation for more than 100+ brands

06 - Experience

Name your industry. We have relevant experience.

07 - Expectation

We would rather die than make it boring.

08 - No pitches please

We generally don’t pitch unless you have a super cool project.

Why do fun and work rarely show up in the same sentence?

We learned this the hard way. We grew up in cultures of over hours, heavy hierarchy and chaotic structures. We worked in creatively demanding jobs where the outcome always came first.

Naturally, we founded Kids to find new, more sustainable ways of working while pushing the boundaries of creativity. We founded Kids to challenge the way a creative business should be run.

As a consequence, we connected our two passions: Building brands and helping teams achieve their potential.

We are now a crew of team facilitators, culture designers, art directors, strategists, copywriters and all-round creatives carrying this mindset together.

Feel like growing up? Us neither.