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We were asked to coordinate the entire production and set up of a VR experience during Melt Festival. With the help of our network and contacts in Berlin & Amsterdam, we produced, created or designed the complete experience in a custom manner.


''Inspired by the radically new aesthetic of Nike's newest innovation: Air Max 270 React. Informed with simple shapes and eye-catching colour typical of the Bauhaus movement."

Big Air with GO is an interpretation of the radiating energy released by clashing the Big Imagination of Air Max with the Go sensation of React Foam.

The VR experience is created by Ali Eslami and the physical installation is developed by Mamali Shafani.

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Within just 1 month of preparation time and 2,5 days of production time on-site, together with the artists, Nike & our partners, we managed to build an impressive 350m2 experience.

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Together with Nike we developed content from the festival for the Social Media channels of Zalando.

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Nike: Orla Tiffney
VR: Ali Eslami
3D Modelling: Guillaume Roux
Installation: Mamali Shafahi
Director: Lars Brink
Producer: Esther Ris & Finn Bech
DOP: Nick Duinmaijer
Editor: Jonas Beck
Creative Producer: Thomas Heidtmann