How do you bring a sense of comfort and normality to those forced to work at home during COVID-19?


An office noise generator - providing users with the soothing/irritating tones of modern office life to help people focus and feel normal while working from home.

Case stufy Piocs


During the first week of Berlin's COVID Lockdown, We at the Kids had a discussion about all the little things we missed about office life while working from home. After some ideation, we realised that we would not able to bring the touch or smell of the office to our homes. So we focused on the sounds instead and created a website where you can immerse yourself in the noises of the office.

We populated our virtual office with all the office sounds we could think of. Many of which turned out to be quite unpleasant. Whether that be someone sitting down on a chair, using the printer, or chewing. These sounds can be infuriating, hence why noise-cancelling headphones are so popular. However, all these noises require input from people, people that are currently missing from our home offices and that's why it's so comforting.

Case stufy Piocs2


After launch, the website was a huge success with 1 million unique visitors in the first month. To our happy surprise, 10% of our users keep coming back to the website and many have emailed to say how helpful it has been to their lockdown life.

We also received vasts amount of press all around the world for the website. Including radio interviews for NPR and the BBC, and published articles in The Times and Le Monde.


Project Lead - Fred
Creative Director - Valentin Cheli
Developer - Ben Olayinka